Airline/ Airport Advertising

Airports offer an opportunity to tap into thousands of travelers every day–local and international. Airports are the ultimate avenues for limitless advertising. Airports advertising in India are the perfect platform for targeting affluent customers, CEO’s & CFO’s, business executives, policy decision makers, NRIs, and foreign tourists. Advertisements on airport create high brand recall value and greater impact in consumers’ mind. Manik Advertisers is the top airport advertising & branding agency in India and manages advertisement across all airports. Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to build innovative strategies to reach consumers in the real world.

Why Airport Advertising in India

  • Captive audience and huge passenger growth at airports
  • Cost-effective & impactful advertising and high ROI
  • High reach to HNI and crème-de-la-crème audience

Advertising options at airports

  • Arrival Area
  • Departure Area
  • Lounge
    Glow sign boards & LED display advertising
  • Conveyer belts advertising
  • Airport Baggage (Luggage) trolleys Advertising
  • Hoardings advertising at airport lounge and other prime locations inside terminals.

Advertising options in airlines

  • Inflight magazine advertising
  • Boarding Pass
  • Meal Tray branding
  • Boarding ramp
  • Inflight sampling
  • Bus grab handle
  • Beverage glass branding
  • Email
  • E-ticket branding
  • Seat branding inside air craft

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