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Few of the funny facts but valuable to prioritize branding:

  • Among the top 100 brands, 33% uses color blue in their logo because it symbolizes an improvement in communication and thus makes consumers connected with the brand.
  • Our brain can process images 60,000 times faster than the text. Therefore, the logo is important.
  • The first impression is the best impression. 48% of the consumers confirm returning to the same brand if they are impressed for the first time.

Branding with Manik Advertisers:

‘A brand can create a brand’. This is how we can summarize about our branding services. ‘Manik Advertisers’ is itself a renowned brand in Hyderabad for marketing & advertising solutions. Either a small/big concern, product/service, branding is a necessary tool for any business to succeed. Our professionals will assist you in creating a better branding strategy to reach consumers easily.

Brainstorming with every client

Every product is unique and so does the branding process. Our team of experts spends relevant time with the clients to understand the product/service as well as the business strategies. This is required to feel the zeal and perform with the same zest as a manager of the clientele company.

Overcoming challenges

Branding an intangible service is more challenging than that of tangible one. With our decades of extensive branding & advertising experience, Manik has formulated specialized tools to overcome challenges like intangibility, inconsistency, complexity, real-time consumer interactions, etc. and thus can take you through the right path of creating self-identity.


Commoditization is a process of creating a unique identity which can be associated with different media assets for communication of brand synergy. We formalize and channelize unique behavior for branding with different advertising mix which enables you to stand on par among your competitors.

Standards of excellence

‘Excellence’ cannot be compromised when you are considering brand success. Our team is excelled to give the desired results not on the compromising ground rather the one that is unbeatable and unchallengeable for a longer time.

Complete branding solution

Branding a product begins with the process of deciding the name, representing colors, logo, etc. and goes beyond impacting the consumers’ mind and remain for a long time. Manik is fully geared up with the tools that are required to create, launch and establish a brand. We are a one-stop-shop for all branding or re-branding requirements.