Media Planning for Newspapers, Magazines, TV, FM Radio, Outdoor & Digital

With the growing online advertising, the marketing mix has changed over the last few years. The advertisement planning in Hyderabad is quite a critical task due to the co-existence of traditional and modern tools of communication. The journey from print to online has been through various stages of development and simultaneously evolved many other forms of advertisement. We are living in an era where in order to sell a product, one should be actively present both in print as well as a digital medium of communication. Today’s consumer is surrounded by various communication channels like Newspaper, Magazines, TV, Radio, Hoardings, Digital and more. A perfect media planning should be able to reach consumers with the best communication tool that they are able to follow.

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Media Planning with Manik Advertisers

Manik Advertisers has accompanied the journey of the evolvement of media in different channels and therefore holds extensive experience in media planning. Our planning team ensures a best-in-class planning mix with appropriate media tools for any service/product. We offer 360 degrees planning solutions which covers advertising in FM Radio in the form of jingles, newspaper advertising in the leading Hyderabad papers, advertising in TV channels, advertising on hoardings, magazine advertising in Hyderabad, and various other forms with the best media planning mix.

Brainstorming session

Our team conducts a one-to-one brainstorming session with every client to understand their product/service, marketing strategy, advertising budget, and other related details.

Extensive research

Our professionals will perform extensive research and analyse various market samples to understand the trend, taste, purchasing power, etc., of the customers.

Effective communication tool

Based on your strategy, our team will advise you on an effective communication tool that will help you in reaching your targeted customers easily.

Appropriate advertisement mix

Reaching customers via one medium will not be influential. In order to create awareness, you need to continuously strive through various channels and at frequent intervals. Our specialized team will formulate a best strategic advertisement mix that can help you in realizing your marketing goals.

Economical advertisement

Attaining the advertisement requirements within the budget is quite challenging for any business. Manik Advertisers will advise you on the most economical advertisement plan within your financial reach. Our long term association with the media giants could benefit our clients in getting a best valuable deal.

ROI Driven communication

The main aim to invest on advertising in various channels is to establish the brand name and increase the revenue. Manik’s team will provide you with not just the expenditure on your advertising plan but will also give you the expected returns value to understand the benefit from it.

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