Every business can benefit from having professional photography to showcase the business effectively. Professional photos are versatile assets. No matter what industry you’re from or who your customers are, a high-quality photo shoot is an important entity that will contribute to your overall branding and success. Manik Advertisers conducts a well-styled photo shoot, which can reap rewards that are everlasting.

We have a network of professional photographers & photo studios with advanced equipment enabling us to take full control of the ambience factors that is, light, time and picture quality. We also take care of on-location photo shoots. Enhance your online presence with our expert visual presentations. We at Manik Advertisers help you create and build not just portfolios but also engage prospective customers.

Pictures speak a thousand words. We don’t see anything better than a network of team of creative professionals build your brand through stunning visuals that creates positive visibility. Take a glimpse at what we offer:

  • Events shoot
  • Model shoots
  • Ad-Commercial shoots
  • Corporate shoots
  • Product shoots

Video Production

Having a landing page has become necessary for all kinds of businesses and organizations. Your online presence is an imperative factor for customers to become aware of your brand identity, reach out to you and avail your products and services. In addition, your landing page sans an explainer video is like food without salt and spices. Similarly, commercial videos boost your overall market presence through brand messaging and enable brand establishment.
The viewer preference and likeability for a video is more pronounced than reading. Even so, we can afford only 8 seconds of their attention span to get the brand message across their minds!Manik Advertisers excels in creating videos that are tailor-made for your requirements and market purposes. We help you narrate your brand story through videos that explain your product features, USP, service support, customer testimonials, and visual case studies. We create call-to-action messages that sound anything ranging from perky, witty or cheeky. In short, we ensure it leads the customer on towards purchase or order placement.

The percentage of video consumption has phenomenally shot up since the availability of affordable mobile data and advent of Facebook and YouTube videos. Create stunning visuals for your brand with our experts:

  • Product videos
  • Corporate films
  • Exhibition videos
  • Video editing & VFX
  • Sound engineering etc.
  • Commercial video production

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