Television Advertising

Electronic Media Advertising or Television Advertising in India is the most popular platform of advertising for brands to reach out to a huge number of audience. TV advertising in India is one of the most economical ways of promotion for massive and larger market size. Manik Advertisers is a leading Television advertising company in India which offers in-depth analysis of demographics related to TV channels.
Our team of young and passionate professionals not only designs successful TV promotion campaigns but also ensure the best user’s attention and engagement. We at Manik Advertisers, understand the TV Ad promotions and help brands design and create beautiful TV commercials that leave deeper and positive impact on consumer’s mind.
Our team promotes TV campaigns to each and every channel whether it is a National or Local TV channel. Our team enthusiastic professionals have got expertise in Ad film making of different type i.e. national or regional and promote different types of advertisements on television.

Types of TV Advertisements

  • TV Commercials
  • Tele-shopping films
  • Scroll ads
  • L-Band ads
  • Ticker ads
  • Graphical ads
  • 2d/3d animation ads & more

The Cost of a TV campaign

The first and foremost stage of any TV commercial advertising agency is to check the best option in the budget. Our team works with any budget starting from little one to over one million rupees. We provide brands with a TV buying plan that recommends the best options just to ensure best deliverables in that budget. As a potential and biggest independent TV buying agencies in India, we make sure to get you the best prices across all the TV networks in India.

The Audience

Our team will do all the research and analysis about your target audience by using different media tools to know what are their favourite channels or programmes and then recommends as to where’s best to reach your target audience for your budget and campaign aims.

Best Timing for TV Commercial

We advise you about the timings of your TV campaign: whether you should advertise in peak 17:00 to 22:59, late night, 23:00 to close or daytime only 10:30: 17:00 or you should buy only one-day part or a mix. Daytime is often considered as the most sought after time band duration for a direct response campaign and the peak time band is more important for retail and brand lead campaigns.


There are so many channels in India and abroad. We always recommend our clients which channel will deliver the most for a particular budget and get the best results. We design TV commercial advertising packages as per the client’s requirements.
Manik Advertisers is the best Television advertising agencies in India which help clients get the best and lowest advertising rate for TV advertising. We have a tie up with more than 100 national and regional TV channels across India. Our Team assure the best discounts to clients while placing an advertisement in Television through us.

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