WhatsApp Business API

Deliver exceptional customer experience by integrating our WhatsApp Business API

Easily connect with your customers through WhatsApp

With the WhatsApp Business solution, customers can contact your business via the same means they contact their friends and family. WhatsApp Business lets your business connect with over 2 billion users across 180 countries in a simple, reliable and secure way.
Multiple surveys indicate that customers now want businesses to provide them superior customer experience including real-time communications, faster response times, and smarter resolutions. We can help you seamlessly integrate WhatsApp Business to drive customer engagement through intelligent, context-aware messaging.

Automate transactional notifications & product updates

Reach your customers on their favorite messaging app and get better read and response rates for your transactional notifications, product and service updates, alerts, OTPs and more! Manik Advertisers offers you comprehensive WhatsApp Business APIs to quickly integrate and trigger WhatsApp messages from your backend systems, CRM applications, mobile applications, or any other software.
  • Go beyond 160 characters. With a 2048-character limit, WhatsApp messages deliver a lot more information than SMS. Businesses find it more cost-effective to send regional language texts and lengthier updates (e.g. ticket details) via WhatsApp.
  • International reach made easy. WhatsApp allows you to reach customers across 180 countries easily and affordably with a single number and account. Get rid of local regulation complexities!
  • Share media-rich texts, containing audio files, video files, documents, images, or locations. The use cases are limitless – Businesses can now offer superior customer experience by sharing insurance policy statements, invoices, product demos, delivery location, and other files over WhatsApp.

Provide real-time customer support

WhatsApp Business Solution empowers businesses to provide real-time 2-way customer support with cost-effective “session” messages. Messages sent by the business within 24 hours of receiving a message are classified as “session” messages.
Implement conversational messaging for providing customer service by integrating our APIs to send and receive messages. Reduce operational costs by using automated responses to routine customer queries (such as balance enquiries) or by using powerful AI-assisted bots to answer and assist your customers, all through the channel they’re familiar with the most – WhatsApp.

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